TH-75GX880A Premium 4K Ultra HD TVs Panasonic Australia

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Have you been looking to wow everyone who comes over as well as spoil yourself with a larger than life TV that is going make you feel like the cinema is in your very living room?

There is no better option than bringing in one of the premium 75” LED TV’s straight from Panasonic into your very home.

Panasonic Australia has released two premium 4K UHD TVs that offer consumers the largest Panasonic 75 inch tv on the market, and a level of Panasonic 75 inch smart tv performance previously seen only in much higher price brackets. You can now bring the cinema experience into your living room, dim the lights, pop your popcorn, turn on your favorite film and experience cinematic history in your very home.

The TH-75GX880A is also available with Panasonic 75 inch smart, review all the benefits of Panasonic’s HCX Pro Intelligent Processor for Panasonic 75 inch comparison; enhanced image processing including a new Panasonic ultra HD pro upscaler, High Dynamic Range support including Dolby Vision™ and Panasonic 65 inch UK HDR10+ with wide color gamut, high contrast, and Panasonic 70 inch sale smooth gradation. You are going to get the best picture quality with any of the Panasonic models, but the beautiful 75 inch models are knocking televisions out of the park!

There are many features to these absolutely remarkable televisions that will make anyone crave one in their living room or even bedroom;

Key Features

Enhanced picture performance, color, and contrast

True 4K UHD HDR viewing experience

Wide color gamut for vivid colors that pop

Dolby Vision™ technology creates a vibrant and detailed image

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

These Panasonic televisions are unlike anything else you’ve seen, from the amazing resolution to the sound quality, every time you turn your TV on, it is an experience in itself. Enjoy the little and big things in life with the Panasonic 75” LED TV.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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