8 Reasons Why a High-Tech Super Toilet is Worth It

A High-Tech Super Toilet
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Written by Max Delaney

Updated - July 7th, 2022

Going to the toilet, like breathing and eating, is a part of life, so why not make it as pleasant an experience as possible? If your answer to ‘what could make your toilet-going experience better’ is something like ‘it’s a toilet, who cares’, then you need to be introduced to the world of high-tech toilets. More than just looking cool, these toilets of the future (and present) will improve your toilet-tech experience exponentially. Ranging in styles, with improved cleanliness, convenience and comfort, these toilets do more than just play your podcast through its speakers or open without having to be touched, a lot of these ‘super toilets’ consume less water than your average toilet.

With that being said, let’s take a look at ten reasons why you need a high-tech toilet.

Modern Bathroom

1. Royal Flush with the no-touch feature

Of course, the no-touch flush feature is found on all expensive high-tech toilets. However, this feature is also beginning to be found on less expensive models. Today, you can find the automatic flush function on less expensive regular toilets. Using infra-red sensors, the toilet knows to flush just by a wave of your hand over the eye of the sensor. If you’re not looking to replace your toilet but need this function, there are devices you can buy to install to your regular toilet, turning it into an automatic-flushing toilet.

2. Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

Looking for something that is a bit more convenient rather than needed? Look no further. Sick of putting your JBL Flip 5 in your pocket or using your phone’s built-in speaker while you sit on the toilet for longer than needed? Then this feature is for you. More than just allowing you to connect your phone to the toilet speaker through bluetooth, some high-tech toilets, like the Kohler Numi, have a slot for an SD Card, allowing you to install a specific bathroom playlist that will play any time you use the toilet.

3. Built-In Night Lights

The days of squinting your way into the darkness and hoping for the best are gone. When you get up in the middle of the night to head to the bathroom, the last thing you want to do is turn the light on, right? Well with these ‘super toilets’ night light features, you won’t have to make that choice again. Whether it’s the toilet bowl, toilet seat or the base of the toilet that glows, the night light feature on a lot of high-tech toilets today is a heaven send for anyone who can’t get through the night without a trip to the toilet.

4. Motion-Activated Seats

Get grossed out by the thought of touching the toilet seat? Grab yourself a high-tech super toilet and you’ll never have to touch it again. The best thing about this feature is that for around $100 you can just buy a motion-activated lid and turn your regular old toilet into a super toilet. Opening just by waving your hand over the seat, this feature is incredibly convenient for any user.

5. Touch-Screen Remote

This is a feature that lets you control all the other features – so it’s important! While you will want to keep it clean, the touch screen control system, whether it’s on a pad, tablet or remote, is incredibly useful when using the toilet. Controlling your speakers, lights, flush features and bidet, everything you want from your super toilet comes through this.

6. Comfort-Height Toilet

High-Tech Super Toilet

Standing about two inches taller than your average toilet, as a tall person, this is one of the greatest features of these toilets. While two inches may seem like a minuscule difference, for someone who struggles to sit down, it can be the difference between a comfortable toilet-going experience and an unpleasant one. This won’t come with every super toilet you come across, but most brands have a range of comfort-height models.

7. Integrated Bidets

While the bidet has failed to grab hold of the western world as it has in Asia, it is undoubtedly the better option when compared with toilet paper. Using less than a quarter of the amount of water flushing toilet paper uses, they’re also the far cleaner option when it comes to cleaning up. With dual nozzles, air-drying features and a heated seat, the experience an integrated bidet from a super toilet can give you is far superior to that of toilet paper on a regular toilet.

8. Heated Toilet Seat

Up there waddling to the toilet in the dark in terms of the worst toilet-going experiences, is sitting on a cold seat. Luckily, a feature you will find on most high-tech toilets is a heated seat. Imagine, sitting down on a toasty warm seat rather than a cold one. More than a seat, some super toilets come with a perch that also warms, protecting your toes from the cold as well.

Max Delaney
Max Delaney

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