Complete Guide to Amazon Lightning Deals & Benefits

Amazon Lighning deals
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Written by Max Delaney

Updated - July 10th, 2022

There are few better online shopping experiences than ploughing through the vast library of thousands of products on Amazon, most delivered to you within days. Whether you’re buying or selling products on Amazon, it will be your best bet, no matter what you pick up or give away.

The generic experience on Amazon as a Prime Member, or without a subscription at extra cost, gives you access to a seemingly endless pool of products with two-day or next-day shipping. Because of their giant collection of products, it can be hard to get eyes on your product as a seller, no matter how competitive it might be. With Amazon’s Lightning Deals, promotional offers that run for a limited time, you can quickly grow your sales numbers.

While Jeff Bezos created Amazon, making it far easier for sellers to earn money for their products, you can thank this guide for showing you how to implement Amazon Lightning deals:

Amazon Lightning Deals

Providing discounts and promotional deals on Amazon is one of the best ways to boost your sales. If you’re looking to do that, then Amazon’s lightning deal system is your best friend. They’re called lightning for a reason and live up to their name. Promotions run for a limited time, which is great for your sales and customers.

Whether a deal on the latest Samsung phone or 33% off Star Wars Lego, Amazon’s lightning deals, featured on the ‘today’s deals’ page, vary across various categories.

Are you looking to become the seller of a lightning deal? Don’t worry, and Amazon makes it as easy as possible. Just click on the ‘create deals’ button on the Amazon Seller Dashboard.

Here are a few broad steps for you to follow if you encounter any difficulty.

  • Select an eligible item from your inventory that you’ve set up.
  • Choose from the options shown for the date range your item will be on sale.
  • Input your chosen discount or deal price.
  • Look over the decisions you have made and make certain everything is in order.

Am I Eligible to Create a Lightning Deal?

I’m sure it’s a question you will fret over right until you learn that the submitted item has been accepted. You don’t need to stress. Almost every product that is eligible to be sold on Amazon is eligible to be sold as a lightning deal. Some categories, like Alcohol, may not be, but it’s easy to check.

Check the criteria below to see if your item is eligible to be sold as a lightning deal.

  • Overall seller rating of a 3.5 Stars minimum.
  • Generate five seller feedback per month.
  • Be a Professional seller, not an individual seller.

More than this, you must make certain that your campaign for a product doesn’t clash with any others.

If you do not fit the criteria, lightning deals won’t be available for your products. Another reason you could be ineligible is the number of products you have. At times, Amazon can raise the minimum quantity requirement.

Amazon Prime Day and Lightning Deals

Amazon Prime Day deals, which land on July 12-13th in 2022, is the biggest day of sales directed solely at Amazon Prime Members. For sellers to run a lightning deal on this day, additional conditions are required. Unfortunately, it’s probably too late in submitting to be included in this year’s prime day. Sellers can go to the ‘prime day window’ within the lightning deals page.

While a lightning deal will be good for your sales numbers at any time of year, events like Prime Day and Black Friday are huge for your bottom line. However, they’re incredibly competitive as everyone wants to make the same sales that you do. You will want to put a heavy discount on your product if you want eyes on it, making Prime Day and Black Friday so alluring for customers. For sellers, finding a balance between earning visibility and still making their wanted profit can be difficult.

The difference between Amazon deals

You might be wondering if signing up for a 7-day deal would be more valuable to your product sales, but when lightning strikes, it makes a massive clap of thunder. The short timeframe that is key to lightning deals separates it from 7-day deals, and the sense of urgency they provide forces users to buy your product at a hugely discounted price or miss out.

If you’re unsure what would be best for your product, you can run both sales at different times to compare results.

Final Word

Undoubtedly, you can be successful as an Amazon Seller without utilising the lightning deal feature. But, whether you’re selling more of your product than you ever imagined or barely reaching the eligibility bracket, selling more is never wrong. There is a reason the biggest names in the Amazon seller game utilise the lightning deals. Take your time, investigate the best time to sell your particular product and the discount you should provide and get it done!


Max Delaney
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