Give Your Room the Elegance It Deserves With the 43-inch Class ‘the Frame’ Smart TV From Samsung

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Let your TV elevate your room even when it’s turned off thanks to the elegance of Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ 43-inch Smart TV

There are several reasons that Samsungs The Frame 2022 43-inch TV could be the right fit for you and your home. Whether you’re looking to save space or money compared to large artworks or want to save space through being able to show multiple pieces of art on the TV rather than across different framed artworks, there’s something that appeals to everyone about The Frame.

Samsung The Frame TV

Even without the added benefit of the frame around the TV that makes it look like a framed artwork when using the Art Mode, the Smart TV is a great option as a fancier-looking TV. Light will not reflect off it at night or day, meaning both your art and your movies will display perfectly at all times. You can enjoy the true colours of what you’re viewing thanks to The Frame’s 100% colour volume and make it seamlessly sit against the wall like a true photo frame thanks to the slim fit wall mount included with your purchase.

Key Features

Whether you’re watching your favourite movie, enjoying the glory of your TV by watching Avatar, or enjoying the silent ambience of your digital framed artwork while you clean the house, it will all be shown with true colours, even in the brightest scenes thanks to The Frame’s Colour Volume.

Don’t stress, squint or rush around the room closing every possible entrance of the sun before you watch a daytime movie or settle down to read with your favourite art in the background. Thanks to virtually no light reflecting off the screen at all, you can enjoy the TV in any setting.

Don’t worry about a bulky TV or cords ruining the elegance of the Frame. It will look just like a photo frame thanks to the included Slim fit wall mount. Your new TV will sit flush against the wall with no issue.

Customise your TV to make it feel like it’s yours with customisable bezels and the ability to select different colours of frame. Make The Frame your own with different bezel styles and color options.


  • Some users have had problems when using this television as an actual television rather than an art piece. They claim that the remote is slow to use and the tv encounters connection issues even when every other device is working fine.
  • Some users have made issues with Samsungs claiming that they will find little to no light reflection, seemingly thinking that would mean there was no glare. This is apparently not true as, due to the true colours of the tv, a bright room, combined with dark scenes, makes for a difficult watch.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

For someone that doesn’t base their life around the TV, meaning they don’t watch it every night, regularly watch movies or sports, and generally prefer to do other things with their time, this is the TV for you. If you will use it as a TV casually or now and then pop a movie on, otherwise utilising its capacity as a framed digital artwork showcase, this gadget is perfect for you.

If you are someone who is constantly using your tv for shows, movies, games, and sports, and the artistic abilities of the TV are secondary to your needs, you would do better to go for a different product. While it’s a fine tv that is great as an element of your room and looks good on your wall, there are better actual televisions out there if that is what you care about.


Max Delaney
Max Delaney

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