Know Your Home is Safe By Implementing the SmartSensor From ecobee

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Home security has become a hot topic lately, and with the advent of smart technology keeping an eye on what happens when you are away has never been easier.

Home cameras can now be remotely controlled and swivelled, showing any intruders on your smartphone. Likewise, we now have sensors that can alert you if any doors or windows have been opened.

The ecobee SmartSensor is an excellent example of this. What’s more, is that this sensor connects with the ecobee Smart Thermostat range to give additional security measures like sensing how many people are in a room. The ecobee smart product range is all made to work together, enabling better connectivity and delivering more value. Anyway, let’s have a look at the features & drawbacks of the SmartSensor.

Key Features

Instant alerts are sent when a door or window is opened. This can help you keep your home safe when away, and also remind you if you’ve left a door open by accident.

Quick & Easy to install. You can either place it on a table or surface, or mount it using the kit provided

Energy Savings by switching off any heat when a door is opened. A very clever feature that can help you reduce your energy costs. Stop letting the heat or cool air out of your home.

The SmartSensor isn’t just for doors and windows – you can use it anywhere with a door or opening. Think of things like a safe door, a medicine cabinet, a liquor cabinet and more.

With a wide 120 degree sensor, the SmartSensor can detect movement in a room, helping you understand where the intruder is and how many people there are.

SmartSensor From ecobee


  • The SmartSensor is a fairly bulky device, especially compared with others on the market. This causes it to stick out more and not really blend in as well as it should to provide a more incognito experience.
  • The price of the SmartSensor is on the higher end of devices that are available. While this isn’t the worst thing, it does limit how many you can install. Of course fewer sensors on door and windows, means fewer alerts when intruders come knocking.
  • Other brands on the market include sensors like temperature and humidity, which for some reason are missing from the ecobee, even though it has access to them from other products.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The ecobee SmartSensor is a great device to improve your home security. If price isn’t a major factor in your decision, and you’d like to invest in an ecosystem, then this is the smart sensor for you. The overall ecobee ecosystem has a lot of different smart devices that will help turn your house into a smart home. Best of all they will all work together and connect to any of the major hub devices.

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