The QI Wireless charger is an attractive and efficient hand-crafted charger with a unique look. It’s solid wood and steel construction is a powerful piece of craftsmanship.

Keeping track of all of the wires and keeping them all untangled, especially while working, isn’t something I look forward to. I’ll cut a wire out anytime I can, so discovering the QI Wireless charger was a welcome change for me. Besides looking unlike any other I’ve seen, this thing charges fast at 10W and is dependable.

A Perfect Fit

Compatible with most smartphones, I have found that the QI is the perfect size for my phone. I personally could have used this in the past, as my past three phones have had problems with the charging ports leading to their demises. Now that I’m using this, I don’t expect that will be an issue again.

The charger itself doesn’t take up a lot of space coming in at 13x13cm. It comes with a strong braided nylon cord for the charger. I have found this charger very useful also for being able to keep my phone within arm’s length while charging it. 

Whether you’re looking to get a wireless charger for emergencies or for primary use, I highly recommend going with the QI Wireless. Check it out!