Your Hands-Free Personal Assistant, the Instinct

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Are you constantly on the go and love anything voice activated?

Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa are amongst the most common hands-free AI systems known within the gadget-enthusiasts world, as they are easy to set up and to use for even the novice gadget user. With AI technology growing, it will slowly implement itself into every aspect of our lives. With iDevice’s, Instinct, you will now have a built-in Alexa into your light switches.

You may wonder why should you have a smart light switch? Well, having an AI powering the light switches that work easily with motion detection, meaning you will not have to stop what you are doing to turn on or off a light. Just imagine, it is still pitch black outside and trying to find a light switch used to end with a stubbed toe or ramming your stomach into a counter or table, now with motion detection, you can turn the lights on without fear of leaving the room with a few new bruises, simply by entering a room.

But Instinct can do so much more than just lighting up a room, check out a few more amazing features of the Instinct.

Key Features

You won’t have to worry about having coded conversations as you have to specifically ask ‘Alexa’ to do anything for you, only recognizing commands made from your voice. With a dual-microphone, you will not have to yell to use your Instinct either, the closest device will pick up your voice.

As stated, Instinct does more than light up a room, it can be your very own personal assistant for anything. Want to announce when you are home or check the weather? Simply ask Alexa hands-free your question and with a wi-fi connection to your personal calendar and devices, you will get your response instantaneously.

With its elegant design and sophisticated camouflage abilities, your Instinct will be entirely invisible within your home decor unless you specifically want it on show. With its crisp edges, no cords, and no clutter on your countertops, it blends in or stands out with how you design around it.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There is nothing better than having everything at your fingertips, and now you can have everything by saying simple commands or even walking into a room now, thanks to Instinct.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

Hayley is one of the most respected woman tech editors in Australia. She is a professional and creative writer from Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria.