Fibaro Heat Controller – An Intelligent Thermostat

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Fibaro Heat Controller is an intelligent thermostat that can ensure room temperature is always ideal and save money in the process!

When the winter comes, you need a heating system you can rely on at all times. You are probably tired of adjusting your thermostat several times a day, and that is where Fibaro Heat Controller comes into play.

This intelligent thermostat makes your life easier and ensures that the temperature in your room is always appropriate. Instead of reading poor displays, check out the color of the ring and it will tell you the current temperature setting. The colors vary from the blue for cold to red for hot.

As you use Fibaro Heat controller, it will learn about your rooms and needs. The device will adjust and learn what temperatures you prefer at certain times of the day. Thanks to that, it can save up to 42% on energy, which makes it a budget and eco-friendly product.

Easy to Install and Use

The setup of the Fibaro Heat Controller is simple, and even novices won’t have any problems with it. The thermostat will check if you did everything right, and ensure to calibrate itself when necessary.

It is also easy to use as it gives you multiple options for heat control:

Set schedules to suit your lifestyle, and the device will act according to the instructions.
Use the mobile app to set the desired temperature remotely. That can be helpful if you are on your way home, and you want to be warm when you get there.
Activate Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa to give voice commands to the thermostat.Use the knob on the thermostat if you are a fan of classic adjustment.

Key Features

With the Fibaro Heat Controller you can adjust and monitor the temperature of indiviudal radiators throughout your home. You no longer have to rely on one thermostat. Instead, schedule and adjust the temperature to suit each individual room's needs.

Save up to 42% on your energy usage thanks to the Fibaro Heat Controller. The intelligent thermostat is cost-effective and intuitive. Motion senser detectors are perfect for rooms used less often, while the connected phone app means you can control your radiators from anywhere.

The Fibaro Heat Controller basically runs itself. It offers automatic self calibration to make sure set-up was performed correctly. It also has a self-service function and regularly goes into descaling mode to prevent dirt from clogging the valves.

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