EcoGarden – The World’s Smartest Interactive Ecosystem

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After study shows the significant benefits reconnecting with nature has on both our mental and physical health. People who are more connected with nature are happier, feel better and have more meaning in their lives. Caring for a living thing also gives us a purpose and is rewarding.

In order to reconnect people with nature and empower them to grow smarter, we combined technology and nature in a seamless way. Bringing nature to you.

The EcoGarden is a combination of a smart miniature greenhouse and a self-cleaning aquarium. One intelligent ecosystem that is capable of growing a variety of fresh herbs and veggies all year round, without any prior knowledge.

The EcoGarden was created so you can monitor and control it remotely, and follow the whole growing process, from seed to harvest, right from the palm of your hand.

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Become immersed in the growing process, and enjoy growing in a lively and stress-reducing environment. Enhance your lifestyle with a living ecosystem and bring the marvels of nature into your home!

Eat better and live healthier, with the EcoGarden.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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