Sleep Better with BedJet 3 Climate Control Comfort System

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The bedjet 3 Climate Comfort System and Cloud Sheet Dual Zone accessory offer cooling and heating functions to keep you comfortable in bed.

For a long time, I have looked for a cooling system for my bed. Not just that, but one that also has heating functions if necessary. I came across the bedjet 3 Climate Comfort System and found out it is just that.

Even better, I got the Cloud Sheet Dual Zone queen size accessory to get the most out of it. The bedjet 3 is a compact system designed for maximum comfort. It uses an incredibly quiet and powerful air system that lets go of the heat and moisture that your bed holds onto.

What Are They?

The bedjet 3 is a system that goes underneath your bed. It is compact and takes up little room. Using an air-based system, the Bed Jet 3 cools your bed throughout the night. You can also use it for heat or alternate between the two at your leisure.

The Cloud Sheet is an accessory that looks like any other sheet. Except for the nozzle that it has that connects to the bedjet 3 and diffuses the cool or warm air flowing through it. It is made of the softest cotton and is machine washable.

It uses acoustic technology to make a powerful and dynamic system as quiet as possible.

Avoid Common Installation Mistakes

Installing the Cloud Sheet is easy, but there are a couple of common mistakes.

C-clamp the fabric, not the plastic
Make sure Cloud Sheet THIS SIDE DOWN is in the right spot
Place the Cloud Sheet under the bedding

Number three is a big one. Even if it is for cooling, still put the Cloud Sheet under bedding.

How to Configure It

Pairing one bedjet 3 with a Dual Zone Cloud Sheet is good for covering one side of the bed. If you want both sides to get cool or warm air, you can add another bedjet 3.

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