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Hear Real-time Notifications with the Ring Chime Pro

Have you been in another room of your home and not heard the doorbell and missed a really important package? Or maybe you are looking for more peace of mind that you are going to be able to hear the door when it rings no matter where you are?

There is no better choice than the RIng Chime Pro.

Hear Your Ring Devices Anywhere – The Ring Chime works seamlessly with Ring Video Doorbells and Cameras, letting you hear & interact with them indoors or out. If you have multiple Ring devices at different locations around the house, the Ring Chime can free up existing Ring devices for use elsewhere in the home. Connect the Ring Chime to one of Ring’s wireless chimes or plug Ring Chime directly into a wall outlet to hear notifications from Ring Video Doorbells and Cameras anywhere in your home.

The Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro has local control of Ring devices by default, but you can disable this local control to use Ring devices with Ring Chime instead. This makes Ring Chime perfect for second homes, rental properties that do not have the Ring Pro installed, or where multiple Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbells are installed on the same property.

There are many features that make the Ring Chime Pro the best of its kind;

Key Features

Connects to your WiFi via an app without external wiring

Eliminates connection and performance issues

Works with any home WiFi router

Able to connect no matter the location of a ring doorbell

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Doorbells can be quieter than we think, especially when we are in the back of our homes and with the Ring Chime Pro you’ll always be able to hear when someone or something is at the door waiting for you.

Hayley Ianna

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