Protect Your Device No Matter The Weather with the Phoozy Insulated Tablet and Laptop Case

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Do you have a laptop or tablet that you tend to take places with you and no case for them?

Having your laptop or tablet bang around in your backpack or handbag is worrisome for most, and having a case solves a lot of problems. With a lovely insulated tablet and laptop case from Phoozy, you’ll keep your device protected every single day.

This laptop and tablet case by Phoozy is unlike any other. While most provide some level of protection, keeping your laptop from freezing or overheating can be difficult and that is why Phoozy has developed an insulated tablet and/or laptop case with thermal protection for both hot and cold environments. This laptop and tablet case provides 6-layers of protection that will keep your tablet and laptop operating when exposed to both hot and cold temperatures without interfering with Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular waves.

There are many features to the insulated tablet and laptop case from Phoozy that make it perfect for people everywhere.

Key Features

Many old insulated laptop and tablet cases were thick and heavy, hard to handle, and while they protected our devices they were bulky and not pleasant to look at. However, the insulated laptop and tablet case from Phoozy is sleek and lightweight, with a slim design that makes it easy to take on the go and carry around.

With HydroGuard Technology, your tablet and/or laptop will be completely safe from water damage within the Phoozy laptop and tablet insulated case. The materials of the case and zippers repel water and will entirely float if it accidentally is thrown into the water.

If you like having designs for your device cases, the Phoozy insulated tablet and laptop case comes in five different colors, cosmic black, iridium silver, iridium gold, Realtree timber, and Realtree mako.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

With many different tablet and laptop cases on the market, it is great to have a more weather-resistant one that can work in both hot and cold climates, and there isn’t anything better than the insulated tablet and laptop case from Phoozy.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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