Independence for your puppy with the Petfon Smart Tracker

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Are you having trouble training your dog to stay close while off a lead? Or maybe you want to know where your dog is when running free on your camping or hiking trips?

The Petfon Smart Tracker is the ideal pick to keep a close eye on your puppy to keep your worries at bay. The Petfon Smart Tracker is the perfect idea for many dog owners who like to let their dogs loose every now and again, or if they are trying to train their owners to stay a certain distance. The Petfon Smart Tracker comes in two parts, a tracker to keep in your pocket near your phone and the other to hook onto your dog’s collar. The Petfon can be used to train your dog to stay close while off the lead as you will always know where he or she is and can keep a close eye on your pooch. With a sound coming from your phone to notify you if your puppy wanders off too far, it will call out to your dog to call your pet close again. It is great to use when on camping or hiking trips too as you can let your dog off the lead and know where they are at all times.

Key Features

The sound that will call your pet back if they wander off too far can be completely customizable. Maybe your dog has a favorite toy that they always respond to? Or maybe calling your puppy out by their name will always have them running to your side. You can use these sounds or others to be what calls your pet back closer.

The GPS tracker has a range of 3.5 miles/5.6 km in open spaces and a range of 0.65 miles/1.1 km in congested areas as indoor coverage is limited.

Within the Petfon Smart Tracker app, you can create a Geo-fence within the area you are visiting with your beloved pooch. You can create a virtual fence for your dog so you know when your dog leaves the fence, which also gives you the opportunity to create red/danger zones to keep your dog safe.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Many of our dogs love exploring and wandering through the world on their own four paws, but we also want to keep them as safe as possible. Therefore, the Petfon Smart Tracker will keep them safe and give your puppy a touch of independence when out and about.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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