Do you like the idea of charging stands? Have you wanted a wireless one for the newest iPhone’s? Well, you are in luck thanks to the ESR HaloLock™ Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand.

This raised charger allows you to keep your phone at eye level for comfortable viewing on your desk. You are able to adjust the HaloLock™ Wireless Charger at many levels to make it easier for you to view your screen for whatever you need. 

With other features to the ESR HaloLock™ Wireless Charger, there are many benefits to introducing this charger to your desk.

Key features of HaloLock™ Charging Stand:

If you have the latest iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 mini or 12 Pro Max equipped with the new MagSafe technology this charging stand has embedded the same technology for easy charging. Your phone does need to be caseless or encased with a MagSafe compatible case for the HaloLock™ to work.

If you are worried about your phone vibrating with notifications as your phone is magnetically held in place, the strong built-in magnets are powerful enough to keep your phone in place to minimize your worries.

The magnets do not lock your phone in portrait mode and you don’t have to remove it to swivel your phone to a landscape mode. You are able to easily and quickly rotate your phone from upright to landscape thanks to the 360-degree circle of magnets that keep your device in place.

We all like to keep our phones close especially while we are working at our desks. Some of us even use our phones for work and need an eye-level stand to make it easy for us to use, and thanks to the ESR HaloLock™ Wireless Charger, we are able to do so.

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