Taking Mobile Gaming to New Heights – The GameSir X2

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Are you trying to stay on top of all kinds of hand-held gaming? Maybe you find that Android games bring a new life to first-person gaming but want an easier way to maneuver your characters?

The GameSir X2 is taking mobile gaming to an entirely new level. Electronic Sports (E-Sports) is a constantly growing, evolving, and advancing field of gaming. As a gamer, we have to be constantly on top of our opponents and sometimes without joysticks when playing on our smartphones, that can be difficult. The GameSir X2 connects to our phone through a wired connection which reduces the amount of time our phones take to receive the connection from external controller sources. But why when we can buy external controllers should we purchase the GameSir? There are many features that puts the GameSir above other controllers for handheld gaming.

Key Features

The GameSir X2 can work for any phone of any size. The Type-C plug that connects the phone to the GameSir can be adjustable to suit your phone. With its durable stretch fit, the GameSir can fit any Android phone up to 167mm in length, with durable springs so it can handle long-term expansion.

The joysticks of the GameSir X2 feel like any other strong grip controllers that you would have experienced in the past. Comparable to professional-level controllers, the GameSir X2 joysticks are comfortable for your thumbs as well as having a full range of action for increased play.

The GameSir X2 is supported with Google Play Store games, so anything that a standard external controller can do, so can the GameSir X2. This gives you a better chance at beating your games and enjoying them to their full potential.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Gaming on our phones is only increasing as it is a great way to experience handheld games on a console we already own. The GameSir X2 is the perfect way to increase your enjoyment with an at-home mobile gaming experience.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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