Eye Protection with Every Scroll thanks to the EyeJust Blue Light Blocking iPhone Screen Protector

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Do your eyes strain after scrolling for hours and hours on your phone? Do you use the nighttime mode during the day to help ease your eyes on your iPhone, but find it hard to see?

Screen protectors are used to help keep your display safe from scratches and nicks, but now with the EyeJust Blue Light Blocking iPhone Screen Protector, you can keep your eyes safe too.

Yes, there is finally a screen protector for your iPhone that protects your eyes from blue light filters that brighten your screen. Blue lights can damage your eyes and the cells within your retina, it can suppress melatonin production which makes us struggle to get to sleep and it even can damage your skin by accelerating wrinkles and pigmentation problems. With a blue light screen protector, you can keep yourself and your iPhone safe.

There are many features to the EyeJust Blue Light Blocking iPhone Screen Protector that will help make it your ideal screen protector from here on out;

Key Features

This screen protector has an easy application to keep your phone safe. With a bubble-free application, you will find a smooth screen that doesn’t even look like a protector is on there.

Not only will it protect your eyes, but your iPhone itself. With impact protection and anti-shock technology, when those accidental knocks off the kitchen table or dropping your phone outside happen, your screen will be crack-free.

This EyeJust screen protector comes with a 2-year guarantee, therefore if something unfortunate does happen to your screen protector, you can get a replacement to continue protecting your eyes.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

So if you are looking for a new screen protector for your iPhone and want to go one step further, look into the EyeJust Blue Light Blocking iPhone Screen Protector from EyeJust to not only protect your phone but also protect your eyes.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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