The ChargeCard™ – the wallet-sized portable charger you never knew you needed

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Do you find yourself searching aimlessly for somewhere to charge your phone when you are out and about?

Outlets are hard to find and sometimes there aren’t some with USB ports. That’s why many people carry bulky yet portable chargers in their bags to keep their devices as charged as possible. The ChargeCard„¢ by The Aqua Vault is a perfect solution that combats the bulky portable charger problem. The ChargeCard„¢ is a credit card-sized portable charger that can fit perfectly inside your own wallet. With its slim and lightweight design, you won’t feel like you are carrying around a power bank.

Key Features

The ChargeCard„¢ is fitted with both iOS and Android charging cables so you don't have to walk around with an additional cord inside your bag. Making it an easy power bank to fit with your belongings.

The ChargeCard„¢ has four LED power indicator lights on the side so you are aware of how much power the portable charging bank has left in it when charging your devices out of the house.

The cords can also charge additional devices other than just your smartphone, including your AirPods, other headphones, Kindles, iPads, and more.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

So if you have been searching for a discreet power bank to charge your devices while you are on the go, then the ChargeCard„¢ is a perfect portable charger to slide into your wallet.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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