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Do you find yourself trying extra hard to keep your phone from the freezing cold or blistering heat?

The Apollo II + Antimicrobial insulated phone case can protect your phone from any weather worries. 

Being that it is a climate-proof case, the Apollo II + Antimicrobial insulated phone case is able to protect your smart device from the extreme heat and blistering sun so your phone will not overheat as well as extending the battery life of your device up to 4x in the cold.

Key features of Apollo II insulated phone case:

Germ proof as the antimicrobial lining of the case reduces the number of microbes on your device. Keeping your smartphone hygienically clean and germ-free.

Drop-proof as most likely than not, a large population of people tend to drop their phone from a standing height due to a variety of circumstances. The Apollo II + Antimicrobial phone case provides protection exceeding military standards by 2x to protect your phone from up to 8 feet in height.

Sink proof as the case itself is a floating smartphone case, allowing you to trust that if you drop your phone by accident into a body of water that it will float and reduce the risk of your phone being water damaged.

When in search of a new phone case you want to make sure that your device is not only protected from the heat or cold but also protected from unwanted germs and damage.

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