Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy with the Petcube Play 2

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Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety? Do you worry about your furry friend while you’re at work or on holiday?

The Petcube Play 2 is the latest in smart pet technology – offering pet owners the opportunity to see and play with their furry friends wherever they are!

Whether you’re at work or hours away on holiday, the Petcube Play 2 is your eyes and ears on your beloved pet. Like a robotic nanny, the Petcube Play 2 alerts you of any notable movement or activity such as your pet finding themself in a pickle or causing mischief.

The premium two-way speaker means you can communicate with your furry friend at any time, offering them comfort or direction. An inbuilt laser feature promises hours of playtime fun as a great remote fetch tool! The Petcube Play 2’s connection with Alexa means limitless options for entertaining your pet – whether your best friend prefers some calming classical music or being read an audiobook.

This amazing smart pet product even provides 24/7 connection to vets for health or behaviour advice.


  • Premium video for high quality viewing
  • Two-way audio for communication
  • Laser fetch for playtime
  • Real-time notifications
  • Connected to Alexa
  • 24/7 vet support
  • Aesthetic, sleek design


  • Quite expensive
  • Some pet owners may find being notified of every bark or meow excessive

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The Petcube Play 2 is the best of smart pet technology – connecting you to your pet wherever you are! With 24/7 access to vet advice and real-time notifications about your pets wellbeing, this is the best product for keeping your beloved furry friend safe.

Ayla Phengrasmy
Ayla Phengrasmy

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