Keep track of your pets with the Microchip Pet Door Connect

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Do you ever wonder what time your cat came home during the night? Or perhaps wish that you had more control over your pets comings and goings?

The Microchip Pet Door Connect offers both tracking and locking features to keep your pets safe.

The Microchip Pet Door Connect is the latest must-have gadget for the tech-savvy pet owner. Installed just like a regular cat flap, this innovative door sends notifications to your smartphone to keep you informed on your pet’s whereabouts. Ever wondered how many times your pet is sneaking out during the early hours? You will be sent a report on what your pets are up to – putting you in control. Perhaps you’re concerned about your cat endangering wildlife at night? The Microchip Pet Door Connect Is lockable so you can rest easy knowing your pets are contained inside when you want them to be.


  • Installs easily into doors, walls or glass
  • Notifications and reports through the Sure Petcare app
  • Control over when your pet can leave with the locking feature - controllable remotely on your smart phone


  • This door is on the expensive side, but you also need to purchase the Internet Hub if you want to use the Sure Petcare app
  • If your pets aren’t microchipped you also need to purchase additional collar tags to use the app

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Having control over the whereabouts of your pet during the night or while you’re at work is the key benefit of the Microchip Pet Door Connect. Although this bundle is on the expensive side, the peace of mind it offers pet owners is priceless.

Ayla Phengrasmy
Ayla Phengrasmy

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