Are you noticing your beloved kitten or cat struggling to eat out of their bowls? The Kitty Bowl is a new alternative to a fresh styled cat bowl. 

With its slanted design, the Kitty Bowl is a great way to aid in your cat’s digestion while also being matched with a colorful design to blend into your home interior with a stylish design. 

There are many advantages to a cat food and drink bowl being raised and slanted, which the Kitty Bowl has taken into consideration in creating their design.

Key features of Kitty Bowl:

Aids in the digestion of your cat’s food as the food can flow down your cat’s throat to be digested easier while also improving the posture of your beloved cat.

It is a hygienic design that is easy to clean as well as easy for cat owners to pick up and refill the bowls smoothly, while also keeping the feeding station clean and tidy when the cat isn’t eating.

Being a raised design, there is a less likely chance of bugs and dirt entering into your cat’s food bowls, as well as the raise helps elderly cats to eat and increase their food intake.

When looking for a new bowl for your cats’ food and drink the Kitty Bowl with its raised and slanted design is a perfect option for any cat owner.

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