Shedding Pet Owners – Say Hello to Dyson for Dogs

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Is your house covered in dog or cat fur? Endless brushing getting you nowhere?

Or perhaps the nonstop fur and dander mess is wreaking havoc on your allergies? Dyson has an attachment for that!

Vacuum geniuses Dyson have innovated a pet brush that suctions and stores your pet’s pesky loose hairs. Spending ages brushing your dog or cat only to be left covered in fur yourself is a thing of the past! Black couch or dark floorboards covered in animal fur? Not in your house. The Dyson Groom Tool easily attaches to your Dyson vacuum, ready to perfectly brush and suction away your furry friend’s excess fur.

You won’t even need to pull fur from the brush component as this clever gadget is completely self-cleaning thanks to the famous Dyson suction. This simple yet intelligent tool requires no extra batteries or cords – just attach to your Dyson vacuum and you’re ready to groom.


  • Simple vacuum attachment
  • Suitable for medium and long haired pets
  • No excess fur or mess
  • Self-cleaning


  • On the expensive side compared to usual pet brushes
  • You must have a Dyson to use this pet brush
  • Some pets may be bothered by the suctioning sensation or sound

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The Dyson Groom Tool may not be the ideal situation for every pet owner but it’s a genius solution for those with a Dyson vacuum and a shedding pet! Particularly handy for pet owners with allergies, this self-cleaning tool will dispose of all that pesky pet fur for you.

Ayla Phengrasmy
Ayla Phengrasmy

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