Keep Productive with the PureShape Mousepad

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Have you been searching for the perfect mousepad for your desk?

Just did some spring cleaning and realized your desk is missing a cruicial member of the organization and decor family? There is nothing better than a mousepad fit for your specific mouse, and the PureShape mousepad is ideal for the Apple Magic Mouse.

When we organize our desks or update the decor, a mousepad is a great addition to any home study or office, and the PureShape mousepad is fabulous as it has minimal friction (both with the mouse and your desk), and makes your mouse feel as if it is floating on the mousepad, rather than actually gliding. This sensation increases productivity, as you are not selectively focused on the friction that other mousepads cause, but are now more focused on the job at hand.

There are many different features to the PureShape mousepad that make it a great choice when it comes to decorating and getting desk and office gadgets.

Key Features

The PureShape mousepad is made out of some of the highest-quality materials to make it the smoothest mousepad experience for you during your long study days and office hours. Made from anti-slip foam you will have the smoothest and softest experience.

The most annoying thing of all mouses is when they start to scrape against our desks, causing that annoying scratching sound and making us feel like nails are going down a chalkboard in our very own office. With the PureShape mousepad, you will no longer have that annoying scratching and pushing sound.

With the purchase of the PureShape, also comes 2 SmartSliders to slide onto your Apple Magic Mouse, this will prevent your mouse from flying off the mousepad while keeping it within arms reach at all times.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Mousepads are a staple on so many people’s desks, and while wanting to maintain our productivity, we also want to ensure that we are getting the best quality products with every single purchase. The PureShape mousepad is the perfect mousepad for any Apple Magic Mouse user.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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