Fuji RSC Series Collaborative Device Fujifilm

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Are you in search for new monitors for your work space or for the office?

Knowing and trusting in the Fuji brand there is no other choice than the stunning displays of the Fuji RCS. These displays are unlike any other display you’ve ever seen before.

The Fuji RCS is the ideal solution for room collaboration that eliminates every traditional communication environment in meeting rooms. The All-in-One interactive display consolidates all your traditional devices such as projector, webcam, microphone, whiteboard and many more into an integrated unit with superior functionality. You are going to be able to do everything you want at work and within meetings and more! With a built in camera lens and a microphone that can reach up to 8 meters alongside noise cancellation features your Zoom and Skype meetings are going to increase in quality. The Fuji RCS is a great way to keep everyone safe but also involved, if you have more than one branch it is a way to get all members in a single conference call, or it can be used to enhance ones within your company branch.

There are many other features to the Fuji RCS that make it the perfect monitor for all work environments;

Key Features

Eliminate traditional communication environment with a distanced conference with the feel that everyone is in the same room

All-in-1 integrated interactive display consolidates all your devices

Built in wireless connection provides real time remote collaboration with the interactive touch screen whiteboard and screen annotation options to enhance the productivity within company meetings

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Conferences are constantly happening within businesses and you can only do so much over a phone-call conference, but video calls are continuing to improve and become more sought after for a business conference style. Ensuring that you have a monitor that is equipped to handle conference calls while making certain that the quality is excellent is imperative to well conducted conference calls.

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Hayley Ianna

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