CATCH:3 Wireless Charging Pad and Nightstand Accessory Tray

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The CATCH:3 Black Version is an all in one accessory organizer, wireless charger and more made out of fine Italian leather.

Recently, I have been looking into wireless chargers that have a little added function. As soon as I saw the CATCH:3 Black Version, I knew I had found just that.

The CATCH:3 is made out of fine Italian leather and has a 3-coil wireless charger and space for accessories.

If you want to charge your phone without plugging it in, the CATCH:3 is a great option. The left side of the mat charges your phone.

I got it mostly for the phone charging function but have wound up using it to store my glasses and accessories.

Key Features

Universal USB cable

Wireless charging

Charges up to 10W

Italian leather

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

It is designed to charge quickly and store everyday accessories.

I was surprised at how fast it can charge. It charges up to 10W.

I never knew something so small could be so powerful. I recommend bringing the CATCH:3 Black Version to work where it comes in handy. After almost 3 weeks, it still charges just as fast.

I no longer worry about my phone dying when I am out. Plus, I have easy access to my accessories and phone in one place.

The CATCH:3 Black Version was worth every penny. I recommend it highly.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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