LUMI KEYS Expressive Keyboard Innovation
Expressive Keyboard Innovation ROLI Lumi Keys
LUMI KEYS Expressive Keyboard Innovation
Expressive Keyboard Innovation ROLI Lumi Keys

LUMI Keys – Revolutionary Keyboard with Dynamic Light & Touch Technology

Imagine a musical experience where every keypress not only produces sound but also paints a vibrant canvas of light. This is the reality with LUMI Keys, the groundbreaking keyboard controller that’s changing how musicians interact with their instrument.

At the heart of LUMI Keys lies its most exciting feature: the whole-key illumination. This isn’t just for show. It’s a powerful tool for composition and learning, lighting up scales, chords, and arpeggios in any key. Whether you’re a beginner stepping into the world of music or a seasoned pro looking for inspiration in unfamiliar keys, LUMI Keys is your guiding light.

What sets LUMI Keys apart is its integration of Four Dimensions of Touch: Glide, Lift, Press, and Strike. This technology transforms how you express music. Imagine simulating the vibrato of a violin string or the breath of a saxophone with just a simple press or glide over the keys. The level of expression is akin to playing a wide range of acoustic instruments, but all within the familiar layout of a keyboard.

LUMI Keys is not just a tool for music creation; it’s a statement piece. Its Fresnel Lenses-inspired Brightkey technology makes it shine brighter than any keyboard before. Whether you’re on stage or in the studio, it adds a jaw-dropping splash of color and creativity to your setup.

The versatility of LUMI Keys is further enhanced by ROLI Studio, a comprehensive production suite. This software brings together incredible sounds and unique production tools in an intuitive design. Whether you’re crafting electronic leads or sweeping soundscapes, ROLI Studio, coupled with LUMI Keys, offers a limitless palette of sonic possibilities.

But that’s not all. LUMI Keys redefines flexibility with its DNA Connectors. Snap two, three, or four units together, and you’ve got a playing surface that can expand up to 96 keys. This feature, along with keys that are 7/8 the width of standard keys, ensures both compactness and playability.

Whether you’re a professional musician looking to add a new dimension to your performances or a hobbyist seeking a more interactive and inspiring way to play, LUMI Keys is a game-changer.

Its combination of innovative technology, expressive capabilities, and stunning design makes it more than just a musical instrument; it’s a gateway to a whole new world of musical exploration.

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