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Our team can promote and boost exposure for your product across our platform

Ideal for brands who want to:

Want to drive more sales, pledges, and traffic to your Shopify, Crowdfunding, Amazon, or E-commerce product.

Attract and engage thousands of gadget enthusiasts who love our product recommendations.

Increases brand reputability with Gadget User branding.

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Instant Email Blast to Real Buyers

Deadlines to meet? We create meaningful email journeys to our 11,250 readers who are mainly made up of gadget enthusiasts.
Email shoutout to our entire email newsletter made up of gadget enthusiasts with an expertly crafted email.
E-mail copy that gets high open rates and higher response rates
Including blog content that entertains and informs
Build excitement with targeted and personalized content around your product
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Premium Product Feature

Creation of content & media assets across the entire Gadget User platform, including Instagram, Facebook, email, website, and video.

Send direct traffic back to your product!

Benefit-driven copy to entice people to buy your product

Telling your prospects how and what they gain, how their lives will improve

Using the AIDA formula to get attention, stimulate interest, build desire, offer proof, and ask for action

Gadget feature posts are permanent, for lifetime views and a constant stream of new customers.

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Authentic Video Review

Our brilliant video reviewers will create a real review of your gadget.

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Full-Scale Viral Giveaway to reach 1000's of new customers

Setup of educational and value-based email drips to engage giveaway entries. Using expert copywriters, we keep entrants engaged the entire time during the giveaway, creating a series of emails that educate them on your product, making them want it even more.
We can connect your email newsletter and social profiles to build up your followers. With the newsletter, you will get around 1000 newsletter signups added to your list. Comparatively, using Facebook ads, it usually costs between $1 to $2 to bring in a new email address making this far more cost-effective.
If you have a product video, we can also add it to the giveaway, so everyone entering can watch this video to get extra entries see example. This is a powerful feature because it would push cold traffic into complete awareness of your product.
When the winner announcement email is sent, this has a very high open rate (usually 40%); it announces the winner. It contains a discount code for your product, driving conversions since customers have been sold the benefits of your product throughout the campaign via email, video, etc.

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