Keep your wine cool and stylish with the VacuVin Active Cooler

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Have you been searching for a new wine cooler for your next gathering? Do you find it tricky to keep your wine cool with constantly having to fill the wine bucket with ice?

We all know the feeling of having a beautiful cold glass of wine out of an ice bucket at a fancy hotel, but now it is time to bring that experience to your home. VacuVin has created the Active Cooler just for that problem. Instead of filling a bucket with ice to keep your wine cool, the VacuVin Active Cooler has a reusable cooling element that slides on the inside of the stainless steel for you to keep your drinks cold for longer. Along with the reusable cooling element, there are many other benefits that make this wine cooler the most beneficial one on the market.

Key Features

Your wine cools quickly with the Active Cooler. Your wine is cold within 15 minutes of being placed inside the stainless steel cooler and keeping it cool until the very last sip.

The design is both functional and stylish, as the shiny stainless steel is not only a simplistic and elegant design but in keeping your drinks to their optimal cooler temperature.

The reusable cooling element is flat when slid into your freezer to freeze, therefore it doesn't take up much room from other things sitting in your freezer.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

For many of us, we find it hard to find the perfect items to help along with our day-to-day life, well now keeping our wine cool at a party or gathering has been taken care of by the VacuVin Active Cooler.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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