The PBspoon is the ultimate spoon with a rounded face and flat edge for peanut butter lovers looking to get a perfect and even spread.

I have always been a peanut butter lover. Regular spoons or even knives don’t even give the right scoop or spread that I need. When I first heard about the PBspoon, I had to get my hands on it.

The PBspoon is a BPA free spoon for, you guessed it, peanut butter that takes the shape of a spoon and spatula and puts them together for the perfect scoop.

Satisfying Spread

The unique design was the first thing to stand out to me. It has a round face great for scooping and a flat edge perfect for spreading. It was clearly designed by someone who really loves peanut butter.

It took care of the issues I’ve had with puncturing bread with a knife trying to get a good spread. Not only that, but it is comfortable to grip and dishwasher safe. It can hold up to extreme temperatures and seems to be very durable.  

The PBspoon gets a 4/5 from me because of how useful, strong, novel, and fun it is. Check it out for yourself!