With advances in technology, it is becoming much easier to showcase impressive gadgets to your friends and the Levitating Cup is a fascinating device that can amaze all your family and friends.

As the name suggests, the Levitating Cup is a cup that floats a few inches above the stand giving the impression that it is magically floating in the air.

The levitating technique is produced via electromagnetism with sensors on the bottom of the cup reacting with sensors on the top of the floating stand to propel the device into a stable balance above the platform.

As if the Levitating Cup doesn’t seem stylish enough, there are more features behind the device that makes it a useful gadget to have around the house including:

  • An assortment of different cups come with the stand including coffee mugs, wine glasses and a beer glass meaning that you can perform the levitating trick at any occasion and at any time of day.
  • All glasses are 350ml and are made from a glass-like plastic meaning that they won’t shatter easily if dropped and are easily cleaned for reuse.
  • The levitating technique may seem tricky to master at first so the entire package comes with instructional videos that allow you to learn how to perform the tricks in a quick and easy manner.

There’s no doubt that everyone likes to show off nowadays and the Levitating Cup has all the tricks and tools you need to become an overnight sensation with friends and family.

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