You’ve Heard of Farm to Table, well try Kitchen to Plate with the Botanium

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Are you wanting a way to grow vegetables and herbs in your very own kitchen? Maybe you've moved from a home where you had a large vegetable patch and now are in a smaller home or apartment where there is no room.

Well, Botanium have you covered, instead of farm to table, you’ll get to experience that taste from your own kitchen counter to your plate. With its simplistic Scandinavian design, the Botanium fits into any household with any style of kitchen decor. Minimalistic and coming in three color options (white smoke, ash grey, and laurel green), you don’t have to worry about your home planter fitting in or standing out. Not only is the design delicate and gentle on the eye, but it is also practical in many ways. With incredible features, this home planter is one for any green thumb with these desirable benefits.

Key Features

If you live a busy lifestyle and are worried about remembering to water your plants, fret no more. The Botanium has its own built-in water tank and watering system. It lasts for weeks which makes it incredibly convenient if you take it traveling or you are a traveler yourself and are out of the house for lengthy periods of time.

There is also no soil within the Botanium which reduces the mess on your kitchen countertops. This also reduces the risk of soil-borne bugs eating your vegetables or herbs. There is also no dirt build-up to disrupt the growth of your respective plant.

With hydroponic technology, the Botanium grows your plants in a more productive and quicker fashion than a large vegetable patch outdoors in the garden. A variety of seeds can be grown thanks to this technology, such as chili peppers, tomatoes, or herbs such as mint or rosemary.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Gardening isn’t for everyone, but the taste of fresh herbs and vegetables can never be beaten, and the Botanium gives those of all different gardening experiences a taste of what fresh food tastes like, straight from their kitchen counter, to the pan, to plate.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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