Struggling with eye issues can be exceptionally irritating and can hinder your sleeping patterns but the Breo iSee 4 massaging devices can help you overcome these niggling issues.

The Breo iSee 4 acts as a massage for the eyes using heated air to react with pressure points around the eye sockets and forehead to rehydrate skin and settle any itches or dryness from the affected areas.

With the air released at a constant 42˚C (107˚F) and the device shaped to match the contours of the orbital sockets, it will help rehydrate the eyes and make the body feel much more refreshed than previously before.

When using the iSee4, adjust the band to fit snugly on the eyes and let the hot air relieve any strain or pressure built up around the eyes. Once the massage is finished, you can remove it and let your eyes feel warm, rehydrated and much more comfortable than before. 

Like any modern well-being gadget, the Breo iSee 4 haves a host of features that help you get the most from the product such as:

  • The entire system is supported by an adjustable elastic band which can be tweaked to fix the size of the user meaning that it can be used by people of all shapes and sizes.
  • At just 318g, the entire system is easily portable making it an ideal device to have handy after a long flight whether you are using it at home or in the hotel room.
  •  The entire system has a battery life of around 2 hours giving you the chance to enjoy multiple massage sessions before having to put it on charge for more usage.

By offering constant heat and covering all areas around the eye sockets, the Breo iSee 4 is a great way to eliminate irritated eyes and help settle the body for bed late at night.

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