Philips Shaver series 9000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

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Have you been looking for the perfect shaver either for yourself or for a gift that works both wet and dry?

Many with facial hair want a simple and easy way to style and trim the hairs and there is no better choice than the Philips Shaver series 9000 that is an electric shaver that works both wet and dry.

The Philips Shaver series 9000 has an intelligent, fully flexible shaving head that automatically adjusts to every curve of your face. This means that the shaver contours perfectly to even the trickiest areas such as the jawline and under-the-chin area. The integrated pop-up trimmer gives you perfect trimming results on sideburns and mustache, while the V-Track Precision blades cut hair with their unique optimal efficiency: compared to Philips previous models, you’ll notice extra smooth skin after a shave due to their exceptional closeness.

With so many benefits to picking the perfect shaver for your facial hair, you won’t want to miss these features on the Shaver series 9000;

Key Features

Reduces irritation with the smooth blades that reach close to your skin

Comes with covers and a shaver head to keep it protected and safe from damage when not in use

Slim, light, rounded design for shaving curves from the jawline to under-the-chin, these rounded blades fit into the contours of your face to shave with precision

Wet or dry shave option for those in a rush or those who like to take their time

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

When picking the perfect facial shaver, Philips is one of the best companies to trust when it comes to electric shavers. There is no need to fear that your facial hair won’t be taken care of when you pick up one of the Philips Shaver’s series 9000.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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