It can be tricky finding ways to unwind after a frantic day however the Muse 2 looks to merge ancient meditation methods with modern technique to help users achieve a calm form of serenity.

The Muse 2 is a small electronic headband that combines multiple gadgets to monitor heart rate, movement and breathing to help master different forms of meditations.

It has a range of features such as a pulse reader, accelerometer and a gyroscope to help you refine your methods and practice meditation techniques that are perfect for your body.

Like any modern gadget, the Muse 2 uses the vast array of different gadgets to help improve your meditation sessions in a variety of ways such as:

  • It partners with a specially designed Muse app where you can calibrate the different technical features to specific programs and learn how they are aiding your body as it calms down.
  • The headband comes with a Bluetooth connection allowing it to connect with mobile devices and relay information to the Muse app as you perform the different techniques.
  • It also comes with a Micro USB port and LED sensor to display the battery life and allow it to be charged via mains power or any other device connected to a power source.

By allowing you to access a host of different programs and being loaded with different gadgets, the Muse 2 successfully brings meditation into the modern age and allows you to finally reach your own personal nirvana.

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