Control Your Flames with the DISSIM Inverted Dual Torch Lighter

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Have you found yourself searching for a safer lighter than your traditional BIC lighter?

DISSIM has created a fabulous alternative to a typical lighter with their Inverted Dual Torch Lighter. The best part about this lighter is simply the design. The inverted flame and the finger ring make it a very comfortable lighter to use. The lighter being inverted keeps the flame away from your fingers and gives you a better angle when lighting your candles. When looking at the features of the DISSIM Inverted Dual Torch Lighter there are many other features other than its inverted style that make it a beneficial purchase.

Key Features

The flame size is adjustable which helps you distribute the flame in a particular direction, covering the space you require it to cover.

This lighter has a fuel window that can be refilled at need, allowing you to know just how much fluid you have left to light your lighter.

With the angle that the flame is released, it makes it windproof, therefore you don't have to stress about the flame being extinguished before you want it to be.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

So if you are searching for a new lighter that is innovative and works better than your generic lighter. The DISSIM Inverted Dual Torch Lighter checks all the boxes for a new and stylish lighter.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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