Don’t Worry About Your Plants When You’re Not Home With The Bubblegum Stuff Plant Life Support

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Can you trust your friend or family member with the crucial job of taking care of your plant babies while you’re on holiday?

Unless you’re off to help The Joker fight The Batman and your best friend is seductive, green and has an affinity for plants – the answer is always no. In the past, you haven’t had another choice. What are you going to do? Hire someone to come and water them every day?

The cost of that can rack up quickly and they still can’t be trusted! Well, with Plant Life Support from Bubblegum Stuff, you’ll never have to ask for help again and your previous plants will drink all the water they need, even when you’re not there.

A Plant Life Support is like a plant life support drip or IV bag. In the package will be one Plant life support bag, one tube, one flow regulator, a peg hook, a washer and an arrow dripper. This isn’t a product that requires a list of features to provide the benefits. It’s an IV drip that slowly feeds your plant the water it needs while you’re not home to do it!


Key Features

Leave your plants home alone, knowing they will be taken care of while you’re away.

Set the amount of water per hour that your plants need.

Extremely easy and straightforward to set up. Quickly put the bag together, stick it into the dirt and set the dial - you’re ready to go!


  • If you have a lot of plants you are going to require a lot of Plant Life Support bags – one for each plant. Compared to paying someone to do a poor job of caring for them it is cheap, however at $26 aud per Plant Life Support package, it can become expensive quickly.
  • If you are planning on a multi-month vacation then this product isn’t going to do much for you. While it shouldn’t be expected that it would, one Plant Life Support Bag will not take care of your plant for weeks. This product should be used for short trips (less than a week) only.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

This is the perfect gift for any plant mum or dad. Whether you’re a regular trip-taker or a homebody, chances are something will happen at some point that steals you away from your home. The very last thing you need after one of these standard life events is to come home to your beloved plants withered and dying because you couldn’t get home for a couple of days. With one of these at the ready, in five minutes you can have it set up and ready to go. As a gift, bought for a rainy day or with an upcoming trip in mind, the Bubblegum Stuff Plant Life Support is the perfect package for any Plant lover and owner.


Max Delaney
Max Delaney

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