Immerse Yourself In A New Gaming Experience with the Fusion Pro Wireless Controller

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Do you wish for something bigger than the tiny joy-con’s your Nintendo Switch comes with?

There are larger wireless controllers built by Nintendo but sometimes they aren’t built to your preferences as a gamer. Now the Fusion Nintendo Switch Pro Wireless Controller is a great option for those wanting more control over how their games are played.

The Fusion Pro Controller is a completely wireless design, coming with a hardcase to protect the controller when not in use. Your new Nintendo Switch controller is completely rechargeable, and ready to go whenever you are ready to play. You can also play on a wired mode or on your favorite couch cushion in the corner of the room. You will be able to play your favorite game for hours on end with the fabulous rubberized grips, the amazing ergonomics, and comfortability in your hand as you play.

There are many features to the Fusion Switch Controller for the Nintendo Switch that will make you want this controller over the generic wireless Switch controller.

Key Features

While your controller is charging, you still will want to play but old cords are tiny. With the Fusion Switch Controller, you are provided with a 10ft (3m) long charging cable that can keep you a safe distance away from the screen while still playing your game with the same ease as when it is acting wirelessly.

After a while you may want to change up the face of your controller, or you may want to replace the thumb sticks for a stronger gameplay. You are provided with both a black and a white face to change up depending on your mood, as well as swappable thumbsticks. One set is concave and the other set is a convex cap.

If you are a fan of gameplay that involves twists, turns, and navigation games through fantastical worlds beyond your wildest dreams, this is the controller for you. With immersive motion controls, you can enjoy your racing, flight simulations and more with the Fusion Pro Controller.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Never before has there been a controller that has had more built in features than the Fusion Pro Controller for entirely wireless and immersive gaming experience. You will be able to feel everything directly at your fingertips through every game from Animal Crossing to Halo.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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