Crafted for Productivity, the DELL UltraSharp 27 4K USB-C Monitor U2720Q

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Monitors are difficult to decide between, and we always want to pick the best resolution and features for us and our needs.

Being able to connect a monitor to a myriad of devices is beneficial as well as helps heighten our productivity. The Dell UltraSharp USB-C Monitor is the optimal monitor for you.

Dell UltraSharp Productivity Monitor

With its curved screen and super thin border on this Dell monitor, there are no distractions that could interfere with your viewing pleasure. Your monitor faces you and your needs entirely, helping encapsulate you in your work. The Dell Pro Premier Color factory calibration gives users vivid colors and a consistent contrast ratio across an ultrawide 178°/178° viewing angle. In contrast, ultrawide QHD resolution ensures every image looks stunningly detailed in high resolution. With so many things going for it, it’s hard not to be impressed by this Dell UltraSharp HD display.

There are many features to the Dell UltraSharp Monitor that will make it the perfect monitor for you;

Key Features

The USB-C cable is fast and works across many devices, so you won’t need to search for a cooperative device.

View high-quality 4k resolution in unparalleled clarity across other models.

With a swivel monitor, you can tilt and shift your monitor to fit your desk's needs, both landscape or portrait depending on what you are working on. Portrait mode may be a great advantage to a graphic designer, and landscape works for office workers.

No need to worry about compatibility issues when using a DELL monitor as it is entirely compatible with other laptop and desktop options. You will be able to have multiple screens going with using this Dell monitor.

All monitors have their benefits and not every benefit is complimentary to everyone’s work style. It is crucial before picking up the Dell UltraSharp Monitor that you know it will work effectively for you.


  • When picking a monitor, if you like a heavy monitor this is not the monitor for you. While the Dell UltraSharp is well made and sturdy, it is made from lighter-weighted materials that provide stability.
  • The provided cords are on the shorter side which is great for home office setups that don’t have a large amount of space to take up. If you have a bit of a bigger set-up, you may need to additionally purchase a longer connector cord.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Having multiple screens isn’t only a trend that has been making the rounds, it increases productivity and makes the work days easier. Being able to see every screen or tab at any time is a great way to help boost work output, and a decent monitor does exactly that. Bringing in the UltraSharp Monitor into your office is going to give you a fabulous resolution to get the hard work done effectively.


Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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