Enjoy your sporty lifestyle with the Suunto 7

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Do you like tracking your exercise on the go? Or want to check your stats during your day but hate pulling your phone out?

Smartwatches equipped with athletic technology tend to be the most popular way to go. The Suunto 7 is a fantastic smartwatch that is on the market for you or your fellow workout buddy. The Suunto 7 smartwatch combines the sports experience with gadgets and technology. The versatility of the applications within the watch makes it the ideal sports watch with smart features. The most popular smartwatches only include so many sports features as they also need space to hold messaging, phone calls, and emails. With the Suunto 7, you know that the features are specifically selected to enhance your sporty life. You may be wondering what kind of features the Suunto 7 has within its system, these features give you a better oversight of the Suunto 7 as a whole.

Key Features

With the inbuilt GPS system, there are many features that enhance this experience. Being able to create your own or follow popular running or hiking routes is a great way to start your sporty life. With turn-by-turn navigation, you will feel safe knowing your way around new areas.

There is also the ability to check different statistics throughout your workout. Your heart rate is monitored from your wrist, if worn overnight you can check your sleep habits as well as monitor your stress and recovery throughout the day.

As much as you will have style on the inside of the watch, you can customize the outside to your liking as well. With different watch faces and straps, you can modify the Suunto 7 to your liking.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

As smartwatches go, the Suunto 7 is not only a stylish design but also full of incredible apps and tools to help enhance and amplify your sporting life.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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