LIT AXIS™ Smart Portable Training Band: Your Ticket to Fitness Anywhere

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How many times have you found yourself sitting at home thinking about going to the gym, but for some reason, can’t muster the motivation to get in the car and make the trip?

Or maybe your job sends you on the road for days or weeks at a time and you’re always looking for hotels that offer a fitness center.

Whatever the case, the Lit Axis – Midnight has you covered in any situation where you’d wish you could get in some quick fitness training no matter where you are. Lightweight and portable is the key here, while also offering you the opportunity to hit your muscles hard or turn up your cardio.

Key Features

Built-in sensors so you can track all of your data. With the Lit Axis sensors built right into the equipment, you can count repetitions, how much weight you have lifted, and so much more. Have you ever wanted a personal trainer you could call any time of day? Lit Axis is that trainer.

Live online classes through the app. Once you’re connected you’ll have access to hundreds of classes. Whether you are into strength training, cardio, or recovery, there is something waiting just for you.

Multiple modes for boundless conditioning. The Lit Axis system boasts four different modes, giving you an entire gym at your disposal on the go! Set your system for Pilates and you’ll be ready to tone and shape. Switch into strength training and you’ll be ready to start building power through targeted muscle training. Use the cardio mode for supersets and cardio exercises hitting all of your muscle groups. Finally, you can finish up with the recovery mode where you’ll run through stretching to help relax muscles and increase your range of motion

LIT AXIS Smart Portable Gym at Home


  • Bands versus real weights. This is a longtime argument in the fitness community, but not one worth fighting over. While real weights do hit differently and engage the body in different ways, the band system still provides a full-body workout with all of the tension needed to build muscle effectively.
  • Device needed in order to get the full experience. If you want the full Lit Axis experience, you will need a device to connect through the application. This could be a cell phone, tablet, or computer. It may be more difficult to follow the exercise on smaller screens, so a tablet, laptop, or computer is preferred for most.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There really isn’t much to say beyond the key points for the Lit Axis. You get a completely portable fitness center that can be stored in your everyday bag and traveled with. Combine that with the online application and you have a personal trainer to go with it. For the price point, we would definitely recommend this item as an effective on-the-go fitness system.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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