The Perfect Portable, Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner is Here

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Born out of the desire for an eco-friendly, portable air conditioner, The Geizeer Bamboo Linear delivers on all accounts. It’s a crafty and unobtrusive way to keep cool.

Think of the Geizeer portable air conditioner like a premium version of a small portable fan. It’s sleek, it’s earthy, and it’s cheap to run. There are no harsh edges, no loud fan blades. It’s a cube-shaped air con that sends chilled air out in all directions. All you have to do is freeze the reusable cooling element, and put it inside. When the battery starts to run out, you just charge it via a USB cable! Easy as.

Key Features

Worried about the kids, or pets, getting hurt when their curious hands reach out for fan blades? With the Geizeer Bamboo Linear air conditioner there are no exposed blades. Everything is housed inside the cube. And even if the kids do pull it apart, the blades are protected and designed to stop spinning once the Geizeer is in two parts.

There are no chemicals here. It’s eco-friendly and reusable. You just have to freeze the reusable cooling element and use a small amount of electricity to charge the gadget.

If you want a portable AC that can also deliver fresh scented air, you’re in luck! The Geizeer also acts as an air diffuser so you can carry around the fresh scent of lavender or citronella.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

This is modern creativity at its best. No other portable air conditioner looks as good, with the natural bamboo perfect for any home or office. You can keep cool thanks without spending a fortune.

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