Clean Your Air with the Dyson Purifier Hot and Cool™ Purifying Fan Heater

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If you would like to purify every room without the need for replacement filters monthly or additional components – this is how you do it.

Breathe easier with Dyson Pure Hot + Cool. The ultra-quiet Dyson Heater Air Purifier automatically senses and adjusts airflow speed to capture up to 99% of allergens as small as 0.1 microns on a HEPA level filtration system. Accurate HEPA filter technology traps tiny particles like pet dander, smoke pollution, and mould spores to keep you healthy. As it is both a hot and cold air purifier, you can feel warm in the winter and cold in the summer while breathing clean and fresh air.

Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Ultra Quite Fan

With many other benefits to the Dyson Hot+Cold Air Purifier, you’ll need it as soon as you know about it;

Key Features

Dyson's powerful warm and cool airflow technology is designed to remove allergens, impurities, and irritants from your home to protect your lungs.

Take advantage of the included remote control for wireless convenience, making it inexcusable not to use it while this air purifier is inside your home. Simply sit on the couch and direct the remote in its direction to find your ideal temperature.

Not only does it heat in the winter and cool in the summer, but with the diffuser mode, you can have air purified without changing the temperature.

By removing toxins and keeping your home at the perfect temperature for you, sleep soundly without airborne allergens in the air.


  • Many thermostats have an auto or an on option to keep the air running constantly. While Dyson does automatically remove air toxins and helps to regulate the air, there is no automatic turn-on switch as you have to manually turn it on with each use.
  • Unfortunately, all Dyson products have quite a high price point, and while it has been made with high-quality materials and technology, the high price ticket may turn some customers away.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Keeping your lungs clean is incredibly important no matter what the season is, not only for asthma suffers, but also in general, and with the Dyson Hot+Cold Air Purifier, is the ideal luxury product for your home. It will both protect your lungs and keep your home at an ideal temperature for you.


Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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