Squegg an Impressive Hand Grip Strengthener

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The Squegg is an impressive hand grip strengthener that is a must have. Combining technology and an accompanying app, the Squegg is a true smart grip strengthener.

I have come to learn that hand strength is an important part of overall strength and plays into any upper body routine. In searching for a grip strengthener to maximize results, I came across the Squegg and was blown away to discover a true smart grip strengthener.

Using Bluetooth technology, you can sync your Squegg to the app of the same name and keep track of your results. You can watch over time as the Squegg does its work to give you a strong grip. A two-hour charge will give you 80 continuous working hours.

Grip The Future

The simple design backed up by impressive technology is what makes this stand out. Just by looking at it, it’s hard to tell that the Squegg works on all the levels that it does, but it is the grip strengthener of the future. The accompanying app is easy to use and presents accurate results.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

I highly recommend the Squegg because it encourages continued use and strength with its easy interface and by making the simple exercise actually quite enjoyable. Check it out for yourself.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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