SANDSARA Mindful Kinetic Art
SANDSARA Mindful Kinetic Art Patterm
SANDSARA Mindful Kinetic Art
SANDSARA Mindful Kinetic Art Patterm

SANDSARA – Transforming Spaces into Zen Sanctuaries

Imagine a piece of art that not only beautifies your space but also brings a sense of calm and mindfulness. That’s SANDSARA for you, an ingenious blend of technology and artistry designed to create an oasis of peace in your hectic life.

The latest iteration of SANDSARA introduces a much-awaited feature – wireless operation. Now, with 6 hours of continuous use, this kinetic sculpture is more versatile than ever. Place it anywhere, free from the constraints of cords, and watch as it weaves its silent magic.

SANDSARA’s new Obsidian and Alabaster finishes complement its signature Dark Walnut, offering a choice to match any interior. Obsidian adds a touch of dark elegance, while Alabaster is all about chic minimalism.

With a 20% increase in LEDs beneath the sandbed, SANDSARA now offers a more dramatic play of light and shadow. These lights aren’t just functional; they’re fully customizable via the Sandsara App, allowing you to set the perfect mood. The revamped Sandsara App is where the magic truly happens.

It’s your tool to personalize this kinetic sculpture. Create your own patterns, add text or designs – your imagination is the limit. It’s not just a piece of art; it’s your personal canvas of tranquility.

In this latest version of SANDSARA, every detail has been meticulously refined. The aim? To not just meet but exceed your expectations, transforming everyday spaces into sources of serenity and inspiration. Absolutely.

If you’re seeking a unique blend of art, technology, and mindfulness, SANDSARA is more than just a purchase. It’s an investment in your well-being, a statement piece that offers a daily respite from the outside world.

Whether it’s the wireless convenience, the customizable aesthetics, or the personalization features, SANDSARA is a kinetic masterpiece that promises to elevate any space it graces.

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