PaMu Slide Plus True Wireless Earbuds

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The PaMu Slide Plus Black True Wireless earbuds use Bluetooth technology and seamless auto-connect and playback to provide great sound.

More and more I’ve been looking into wireless headphones. When I came across PaMu Slide Plus Black wireless earbuds, my search came to a halt.

They are entirely wireless earbuds that take advantage of 5.0 Bluetooth capabilities and provide clean, seamless sound and big bass.

Superb Sound For Everyone

The thing that stands out about these earbuds is that they are for everyone. They are optimized just as well for taking phone calls hands-free as they are for listening to music.

The charges last a long time and can give up to 60 hours of quality playback. The PaMu Slide Plus Black headphones are just as effective for someone out on a jog listening to their favorite tunes as for a someone looking to chill by the pool for hours.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

My Own Impressions

Right when I saw these earbuds, I did not know what to think. They look like plenty of other earbuds, but when I got to try them out, I was impressed.

Right off the bat, they are comfortable. That is key, because for me personally, I leave earbuds in for a long time when I’m listening to music.

The quick charge time is also a huge plus. Not only that, but the charges provide so many hours of use that I never have to worry about it dying.

It took care of many problems that I have had with other wireless earbuds in the past.

In Closing

Not only are these earbuds comfortable and great sounding, but they are high tech and perform excellently. They have become my go-to for listening to music and I am glad to have gotten my hands on them. I give them a 5/5 because they have become a part of my day now.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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