Charge Around the World with the Smart Hub PD 45W

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Do you love travelling? Do you struggle finding power adaptors for your devices or have a small collection of different adaptors and wish for only one?

The Smart Hub PD 45W is a power bank that will help you charge up to 3 devices at a time across the world.

Yes, you can charge up to three devices at a time, but that isn’t what makes the Smart Hub amazing. With a single purchase of one Smart Hub, you will be given three different adaptor pins for you. You can now charge your devices anywhere in the USA/Canada, the EU, and anywhere in the UK. Being able to charge multiple devices around the world makes the Smart Hub the best charging device for international travelers now as the world begins to allow more to visit tourist destinations.

There are many features to the Smart Hub PD 45W that will make it the perfect wall charger for the worldly traveler.

Key Features

You will be able to charge up to 3 different devices with the Smart Hub. You are able to make one power outlet into three outlets. You can charge three devices through the 1 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports.

Most power adaptors with multiple ports tend to be bulky and take up space in your bags. The Smart Hub is a compact design that comes with foldable pins to take up even less space in your bags.

With the Smart Hub, you can charge your devices even faster than other power banks. The Smart Hub helps you save time and can even charge your iPhone up to 50% within 30 minutes. You will find that your devices will be full of juice faster than ever before.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

With travel growing again and everyone wanting to soak in life, the Smart Hub is a great way to bring your devices with you internationally, keep them as charged as possible and enjoy the world.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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