The Marco Polo Pet Monitoring — Every Active Pet’s Best Friend

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Pets get wanderlust too; but sometimes too much wandering can lead to a lost pet.

Marco Polo Pet Monitoring ensures the most reliable way of getting your pet safely back to you. Unlike many pet monitoring devices, Marco Polo promises long-range tracking without the use of GPS, cellular service or WiFi! This ensures a more specific location tracking, especially in areas with no cell towers. Pet owners can have peace of mind knowing about their pets’ activities just through a simple press of a button.

Key Features

Long-range tracking up to 3.22km

With no cellular fees to pay or additional batteries to purchase, this is the most affordable tracking device in the market

Configure a Safe Zone' for your pet so that the device will notify you if your pet wanders past their usual boundary

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Spot might be your best friend, but you can never totally read your pet’s mind. Be it on a hiking trip, or just a nice day out, you never know if your pet has lost its way home. Marco Polo is the most reliable, durable and affordable solution for every pet and pet owner.

Danielle Roman
Danielle Roman

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