Kubb Passive Edition No Noise Computer

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The Kubb Passive Edition is a virtually silent, no noise computer cut from the strong aluminum bloc.

I find that the background noise of a computer is not always conducive to being productive. Having never heard of a no noise computer, discovering the Kubb Passive Edition has been eye-opening and I’ve wondered where it’s been my whole life. Coming in at 12×12 cm, you don’t have to worry about the Kubb taking up too much space.

Looking stylish and modern, its aluminum bloc build makes it stand out. Holding Intel I-3, I-5 and I-7 core processors provide smooth and quick processing. Quite impressive for a mini-computer.

So Much Potential

Due to its size and simplicity, you can easily move the Kubb easily and hook it up wherever necessary. This makes it great for the workplace, especially if you are trying to do a presentation or hold a meeting. It is compatible with up to two 4k screens at once.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Whether you want to do your work in silence or are compelled by the impressive technology, I can understand being blown away by the Kubb Passive Edition. Check it out!

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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