Designed to help you keep track of your phone, the crossbody phone case necklace allows you to wear your phone on your body – keep your cell phone always within reach, and never lose it again.

The crossbody phone case is designed to be worn like a necklace across your body, so your phone will never be far from your reach. Never worry again about digging through a purse or pocket hoping your phone is within reach as you miss another phone call.

Smartphones have been a great addition to society however they are very expensive. Have you misplaced yours and paid multiple hundreds of dollars to get a new one? With the Crossbody phone case necklace, you never have to worry about that again. 

The crossbody phone case necklace is different from its competitors for a few reasons:

  • Made in Venice, California with durable and high quality materials 
  • Comes with convenient and slim wallet for cards & cash
  • For each Keebos purchased one tree is planted 

Once you try the crossbody phone case, you will never again want to leave home without it. 

Put away forever those fears of losing your phone by purchasing the crossbody phone case necklace!

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