Provide Your Pet Their Own Companion with the Dogness Smart iPet

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Do you hate leaving your favorite companion at home alone? Or are you worried that because you aren't home to play with your pets they are either sulking and sad or playing with your belongings?

Worry no more as there has been the innovation of the Dogness Smart iPet perfect to ease this anxiety.

The best part about this well-built robot specifically for your pet is that there is a small treat compartment built into the head of the robot. It will hand out treats throughout the day for your pet, so they aren’t overfed nor starving. The 6 small 3.5cm slots are compatible with small treats that fit inside the compartments, or larger treats cut up into smaller pieces for your beloved pet.

Key Features

The battery lasts up to 15 days in standby mode, meaning that you won't have to worry about constantly keeping it charged to look after your pet.

Being connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as the connected free app, you as an owner can control where in the house the robot moves as well as enable interactions with your furry friend.

With the 2-way audio system, any worried owner is able to both speak and listen to the dog left at home, as well as having the ability to play with him or her releasing treats for good behavior while you're not at home.

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Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

For nervous pet owners, or just for an owner who wants to spoil their precious beloved puppy companion, the Dogness Smart iPet is an option more owners should be considering.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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